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Sales Funnel Acronyms Explained

Just google for for sales funnel and you’ll see millions of images explaining what a sales funnel is and what it does. There are some sales funnel acronyms, which will used in context make sense but when you see them without a context (for example, someone explaining a Facebook campaign), it might be hard to recall.

Here are all the acronyms related to a sales funnel, which you should know:


Sales Funnel Acronyms Explained:

TOF = Top of Funnel

MOF = Middle of Funnel

BOF = Bottom of Funnel


TOF or Top of Funnel is when a customer just got engaged with your ad or business. Your goal is to educate your customer when in this funnel.

The types of communication for TOF include information about your company, what you do, and how you can help people. Your goal is to get them to convert your prospects with the information you are offering. This might take the form of an eBook, or white paper, cheatsheet.


MOF or Middle of Funnel is where the prospect is aware of your business and weighing upon the goods or services offered by your business.

The Middle of the Sales Funnel is where you begin to show your prospect why you might be the choice for them. You start to position the solution that your company offers as the best choice for the challenges that the prospect has. Case studies, testimonials, videos, interviews, webinars, demonstrations are all MOF activities.

MOF can discuss comparisons and reviews, helping with questions relating to timelines and potential issues held by your consumers. The more information you can provide in this part of of the sales journey, the greater the trust. The greater the trust the more likely the conversion.


BOF or Bottom of Funnel is where you have the goal of getting your customers to choose you over others. In terms of ads, this is the phase you turn on your remarketing or retargeting campaigns.

You provide details like pricing, trials, demo software, as well as information that assists with decision-making processes.


Use targeting by understanding whether your customers are in TOF, MOF or BOF and you’ll observe much better conversions.

Watch this video below on Sales Funnel.