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How to Promote your Online Course using Facebook Cover Photos

Social media is the best online platform that raises awareness of your brand, help you communicate with your customer and thus increase your sales and leads.

Many people use social media accounts to connect with products, brands and also promote their own.

Facebook is one such social media platform to help you grow your online course business. Whether it’s your business profile or a personal one, Facebook cover is what people see right away.

If you've an online course, you can create Facebook Covers to promote your Online Course. Facebook Covers can be created for your

  • Facebook Personal Profile
  • Facebook Group Cover
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Public Figure Page

The first impression can be your last impression and Facebook cover photos catch everyone's eye. If your cover photo is appealing then it encourages viewers to going through your profile or your Facebook Group.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  - Will Rogers

Creating cover photos or posting one of them may be straightforward, but sometimes when you upload it it may get stretched or you need to crop it.

According to Facebook, the cover photo should be the size: 820 pixels x 360 pixels and people sometimes ignore this and hence resulting in poor Facebook cover.

You wouldn't want your cover photo to be cropped or stretched. To help you out with this problem, I have written this article to let you create hassle-free images for your Facebook cover photo.

How to Promote your Online Course using your Facebook Cover Photos

There are few things that you can do to make your Facebook cover photos to promote your online course. 

Add Your Course Name

You could add name of your course to the Facebook Cover photo. Try to keep the text to minimum so if there is an acronym that you can use, go for it. When someone visits your Facebook profile or Facebook Group cover photo, they will learn about your course.

Call to Action

You can even add call to action such as 'Join this group' or 'Get My Free Guide'. Since this is an image so people won't be able to take click on these links, but it will be a call to action. 


Using Call to Action in Facebook Cover

FB Group Call to Action

Announce a Sale or Promotion

Running a special promotion for your online course. May be just announcing the launch or pre-sell.

You can add promotion details to your Facebook Cover photo and let everyone aware of the changes. Also when you change profile photo, others also get the notification and it shows up in the news feed. 


Facebook Cover promoting an upcoming event

Short URL for your Online Course

Use any URL shortener tools like to create short URL for your landing pages and then simply add those as text to your Facebook cover photo.

Eg.. Join my group:  

Download Free Guide: 

You get the idea.

How to create Facebook Cover Photos for your online course?

There are several tools out that can be used to create Facebook Cover photo.

Stencil is one such tool that I would highly recommend for creating beautiful Facebook covers as it comes with a pre-built design template that helps you to build images in the standard Facebook photo cover format. 

You don't have to spend hours creating these photos, and then post it on Facebook to see if it's fitting well. Stencil is one easy-to-use tool to help you make a Facebook Cover photo and also let you preview it right there.

Here are the steps steps to create your own Facebook Cover for Online Course.

Step 1. Open Stencil and Go to Size Editor

Go to the stencil and click on the size editor in the bottom left corner of the image. In this size editor, go to the header section and select Facebook cover as shown below. Click on the Facebook cover to get the size of your standard Facebook cover. 

It's ready to customize now.


Graphics Design

Easy-to-use graphic design tool for bloggers, business owners, and social media marketers.

Pricing: Freemium (Free to begin with. Paid subscription gets access to a bigger library).

Step 2. Choose or Upload Image

Stencil has million of images that can be used for your online course. You can choose a photo from Stencil's photo library as it provides a range of photos to choose from different categories.

It also allows you to upload images of your own. So you can choose any image or upload one of your own. As you can see in the image below it comes up with columns that help you differentiate the image in desktop view or mobile view.

Step 3. Add text

Adding text is letting your image speak. 

You can add a beautiful quote or any text you wish. Customize your text with the addition of different colors and fonts provided by Stencil, you can also upload your font style. I have added a quote from their library and customized it with fonts and colors.

Step 4. Save and preview

Your image is all set to save and download. Preview your image from the option preview and it shows how your image would look once when uploaded on Facebook. You can also share directly from Stencil by linking your account there.

Once you've downloaded it, you can simply upload the image to your Facebook Profile or Facebook Group.