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Should You Create an Online Course?

As per an industry report, Global market for e-learning is projected to exceed $241 billion by 2022. There are lot of success stories around online courses where people have made millions of dollars selling online courses and left their 9-5 jobs, bought homes, nice cars and completely changed their lives.  It’s tempting to join the group of […]

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How to Generate Leads for your Online Course using Quiz

You might have seen personality tests in your Facebook feed. Facebook has been cutting down on those, but you can still find them in Facebook and several websites. Can you guess why?  Personality tests or Quiz are super easy lead generation methods, which any always work. They may be irritating at times, but are usually funny […]

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50+ Words Your Online Course Needs to Boost Sales

​What makes people ​buy?  Public and ​private ​companies spend millions of dollars researching and implementing ideas that can increase their sales revenue. Universities receive​ millions of dollars each year in grants to research the psychology behind buying something. ​​A lot of information ​on what makes people buy is already available for free in the public domain. So, […]

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Subscription Fee vs One Time Fee – Which is Better for your Online Course?

With online courses (and also with any product), you can offer two kinds of pricing models. You can offer either one or both of the following pricing models:One-time fee — customer buys once and gets lifetime access. There is no further future fees, which a customer has to pay to access the same content.Subscription fee […]

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