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How Talking to your Course Audience can Boost your Sales and Increase Student Satisfaction

Selling online courses is hard.

If creating, editing & publishing videos wasn't hard enough, as a course creator you are also expected to have mastery in creating beautiful landing pages, design a funnel that converts well and be great at lead generation and customer engagement.

And still people don't buy your course. (Sad face)

There could be so many reasons why people didn't buy your courses but a small % of them didn't buy the course because they still had doubts which were never clarified. 

In this post, I am going to discuss how you can talk to your website visitors and existing course students and how it will help you in increasing your course sales and student satisfaction. 

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Benefits of Talking to your Course Audience

1. Personal Touch

Today when most of the communication between online businesses and their audience is using social media, email or webinars, talking to a real person can really make a difference.

When you talk to a real person, it adds a personal touch to the whole conversation.

You make real connections when you talk to someone. 

I still remember when I got a call from Ramit Sethi's team after I bought 'Call to Action' course. It felt really special that someone was caring enough to call and inquire about if I needed any help with the course. 

I became a fan instantly.

And then when even I started to think about calling feature to our sales process. 

2. Remove Customers' doubts

You can create really long pages explaining everything about your course, big list of FAQs or videos to answer common doubts but people will still have questions.

They can email you their doubts which may be answered (or not ) depending on how many such emails you get. 

But wouldn't it be really nice that when they are ready to buy the product and just have few questions about the course, they can simply call and talk to someone. 

3. Some People Like Talking than Emailing

Email is still the new thing for many baby boomers. 

Many people like to talk to someone as compared to sending emails and waiting for days to get a response.

4. Increased Response Time resulting in sales boost

In a research, SuperOffice found that 62% of companies do not respond to customer service email.

Average response time to handle customer service request is 12 hours and 10 minutes.  - Research by SuperOffice

Email from a potential buyer may not get noticed right away but when someone calls your customer support number, usually someone is there to take a call. This improves response time and may increase your course sales.

5. Understand customer's real problem and provide solution

Talking to someone give you an opportunity to really understand a customer's problem. When you listen to them, you will understand their pain points and will be better able to provide a solution

6. Builds Trust

Here is an example where I was able to build trust with one of our customer. 

Few months back, we are doing a promotion for our courses and had setup CallPage to allow potential buyers to call us during the sale period. 

My phone rang and I noticed this new call. Looking at the number, I knew it's a call from a potential buyer.

I picked up my phone and there was a gentleman on the other side of the phone line. 

He said, "Hey Prashant, I saw your email about the current promotion but I am currently out and won't be able to buy it before it expires. What should I do ? ".

"And I really need it"

(We have seen such responses on email from people saying that they wanted to buy but somehow missed it. We simply tell them, if Sales Page says its over, we really can't do anything about it. )

In this scenario, I knew about this person as he had recently bought another course from us. 

I quickly checked his student account and told him "Mr X, You really don't need to buy this new course as you already purchased another big course which has all the contents of the course you're planning to buy".

He was quite happy to know that and thanked me that I was able to save him money.

Fast forward few days, this guy went ahead and bought more courses from us without any doubts. 

Why did he do that ?

My guess is that he understood that people behind the course are trustworthy and won't cheat him and he had made a personal connection with me on phone.

(He even called few days later to ask for some advice about his career).

7. Better Customer Support

When your customer knows that you are there to listen to them whenever they need you, they start to rely more on you. It leads to better customer support as in general one of the major complain that course students have that after they bought the course, they weren't getting any help as they expected. 

By showing them that they can call you anytime, you are removing the roadblock. 

8. Increased Course Sales

When you launch a course, you have to write a so many marketing emails & create landing pages to tell your customers what will your course do for them. 

While they are talking to you on phone, it's easier to convert potential buyers into customers. You can even create urgency by providing them a special offer that last during the call only. 

We have successfully converted more than 70% of callers into customers. 

9. More Leads

Even if the caller isn't interested in buying your course at this point but you understood their problem, you can redirect them to free lead magnet that can help them.

Now you have their email Id and you can warm them up and they might from you in future. 

Australian Marketing agency was able to increase their lead generation by 70% using CallPage.

When is the Right Opportunity to Talk to Your Customers

In your sales funnel, there are multiple points when have the opportunity to either capture your course audience's phone number or letting them call you. 

1. When they are on your Course Sales Page

Customer Support Phone Number: When a customer is on your online course sales page, you can add a customer support phone number to call you. 

Use Sign Up Form: Add Signup forms on your Sales page requesting people to enter their phone number so they can get a call back. 

Use CallPage (Recommended) : CallPage allows you to add their plugin to any webpage and it will popup when someone is visiting your sales page and allows them to request a call back in 28 seconds. Most of our calls that we receive are using CallPage. 

2. During Checkout

You can request customer's phone number during on the checkout page. Later you can do a follow up call to check if they are having issues with the course or have any other questions. 

Phone number on checkout page Ramit Sethi

3. In Follow Up Emails

Using CallPage you can even add links to emails. If someone clicks that link, they will be able to enter their phone number and request an immediate call back.

4. Post Course Purchase

After they have purchased the course, you can email them to get their phone number or if you're using CallPage, you can have them schedule a call with you. 

5. Coaching / Mentoring Call

Coaching and mentoring call is another opportunity to know your customers and help them. People opt for coaching calls as they want personal guidance for their situation. 

Also not everyone is comfortable getting on Skype video but are ok with just talking on phone. 

6. Handle Support Issues

You can also handle support issues by allowing customers to report issues by calling you. I would refrain from using this and instead use a ticketing system to address such request. 

How to Setup on your Website or Teachable School

CallPage is the software that allows you to add callback feature to your website in few minutes. 

Here are some of the features of CallPage

  • Real human Call back in 28 seconds
  • Receive lead directly from Facebook Ads or Email
  • Personalize and customize your offer
  • Score visitors with behavior trigger and AI powered engine
  • Data autofill from Callpage contact network
  • Schedule Calls for later

We used CallPage for our course landing pages and I am going to show you how easy it's to setup.

Callpage Logo


Lead Generation

Drive more sales leads and move deals faster through the pipeline with an immediate conversation via callback. Convert your website visitors into happy customers.

Pricing: Freemium (Free to begin with. Additional features available at higher plans).

Step 1: Create an account on and create a widget

Sign up for

Step1 Create Call PageWidget

Step 2 : Enter the domain name where you plan to install this widget.

It could be your WordPress Website or Teachable School. Also enter a name for the widget.

Step 3: In next step, you will be start customizing your widget under 'Widget's View'.

There are several ways widget can be customized. You an customize the Popup, Button, Tooltip and Eyecatcher.

Just use the default one if you're just starting out. 

You can also configure if you want widget to show on mobile devices and want to enable sound effects and night mode. 

Step 4: Setting up Calls

Here you can setup Call details such as caller id to use, recorded messages and SMS that will be sent out to user and the countries from where widget can be invoked. 

Step 5: Engagement Settings

Under Engagement Settings you can define rules when CallPage needs to trigger.

This is really a nice feature as you can define the rules and change the widget based on user's source or current activity on the page. 

Step 6: Install on Your Website

You can get the install code and simply install at the end of <body> tag.

Setting up on Teachable Course Sales Page

Go to Admin menu and open the Sales Page for your Course

Add a new text block or use any existing one. Add install code to the code section and your CallPage setup is done. 

This is how CallPage Widget will look once it's installed on your course landing page.

When a visitor, clicks on yes, they will see the below popup requesting them to choose one of 3 available options for call back.

  • Call me now
  • Call me later
  • Leave a message

Callpage Logo


Lead Generation

Drive more sales leads and move deals faster through the pipeline with an immediate conversation via callback. Convert your website visitors into happy customers.

Pricing: Freemium (Free to begin with. Additional features available at higher plans).