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How to Create an Image with Multiple Photos?

For any social media platform, photos are the main attraction, such as Facebook or Instagram, or many of them focus mainly on pictures, so people find it very appealing.

Hear a piece of information, and three days later you'll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you'll remember 65%.

- As per Research

Beautiful well designed images gets your audience attention and also helps your audience remember your message.

As an online course creator, you can use images in several ways:

  • On Sales pages
  • In Marketing material
  • In lectures
  • In Presentations
  • During Webinars
  • In eBooks
  • In Helpful Guides
  • In CheatSheets

Some people find it difficult to create a nice image, because they feel that only a professional can do it, but it's not always true.

You don't need to be an expert graphics designer to create beautiful images for your online course. 

There are several tools available on the web that allows you to create images but the one I use quite often is Stencil. 

Stencil is a tool that helps you render such amazing pictures. Best thing about using Stencil is that it gives you access to millions of royalty free images that you can use in your marketing & course related resources. 

It's even more difficult to add multiple photos in a single image. There are a number of applications and tools that can build a grid of images, but typically those have limited customization options available to use.

Background images play a significant role here, because you can organize the image in various ways, but utilizing the background picture and arranging the foreground images render it more attractive.

You don't need to worry about creating adding images in one image, as in the article I'm going to tell you step-by-step how to create images like this.

Open Stencil & Select a Background Image:

In Stencil, search the catalog to find a photo you like and then use it as your background image or you also can upload one of your own.

Some of the image modification options available to you are

  • Transparency
  • Applying filters
  • Darkening
  • Lightening 

Add icons:

Once you're done applying filters to background image, next step is to add foreground images.

Stencil also comes with a huge library of icons so you can search icons and add those to the image. 

In below example, I've inserted a few square shape icon to make the image look better. You can try and experiment with different things and see which one goes best with your image. 

Drag and Drop:

Add multiple images by dragging and dropping them to the 'drop here to overlay your image' and then adjust those according to your background image.

Save and Download:

After you've finished making changes to your image, just press Save and download the image file.  

You can now use these downloaded image file on your social media, course marketing material, course content or however you wish to use these.


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