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How to Create Transparent Background Images for your Online Course?

Pictures ​speak louder than words. Without having to explain it in ​words, a photo may say the whole story. People these days are too distracted and short of time to ​read a lot of text. They usually prefer pictures only or pictures with quick and concise text​. After all, it is generation Instagram!

Including a picture or thumbnail (​reduced version of an image) will help you save a lot of time as you don't have to worry about writing a lot of text to ​convey a message. You just need to customize your image as appropriate.

How creating an image will boost your online course?

Picture ​can sum up a lot better than words would ​otherwise. Many course creators use photos to lure people because a good-looking image often draws people's attention. Using images like:

Cheatsheet or Lead Magnets to highlight important words:
Infographics to summarize:
Motivational Images:

These are all collections of photos that ​convey much more than what words alone could. ​And ​they easily attract people's attention.

The background image on the other side may tell a lot about the foreground image or text. As in the motivational image above it is clear to guess that the background image is related to the text.

How to make transparent background images for your online course?

​In this article, we would be making use of Stencil to create transparent background images. You can use transparent background images for your online course, Facebook posts etc.

Choose an image:

Choose any photo you want to edit in Stencil to create it as a transparent background or even add some image of your own. Try to match your image to the content you are putting in or to the foreground image.

Set transparency:

When you select an image, just click on the image and a box will show up. Click on transparency in the box and set the transparency to your image accordingly.

Add text:

You can embellish your image by adding text or quotes that are available in Stencil. I've made a clothing sale image just to let you understand the role of the background image. You can put any of your text or image to see how it fits with the background image.

Download and ​share:

Once you are done customizing your photo, you're all set to download the image and ​share it wherever you need to.​ Consider experimenting with different photos to get more information on creating background images.