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How to Create Custom Size Images for your Online Course?

Using an interesting image as a thumbnail (thumbnail image is a small image that represents a larger one) in an online course draws more attention of students and helps them quickly ​form an impression ​about your course.

​Just like with music (be it ​iTunes or Apple Music or ​any other traditional form), album artwork ​is as much a part of the identity of a record as the sound, thumbnail image of a course can do the same for your online course. In fact, music artwork is quite a rage - ​billions of music fans over the past century have taken pleasure from looking again and again at old album covers.

Thumbnail images are mostly used by online course creators to provide a quick impression of your course, thereby arising curiosity and improving chances that visitors will have a look at the course and possibly signup. You can create custom size images to grab student’s attention and if you wish to, you can even enable tracking to see which size of image coverts best for your course.

Below are a few necessary points to take into consideration before moving on to the process of ​creation of custom size images:

  • Selection of a proper image as per your course. Having an image that resonates with your course would do wonders for your online course. If the image can visually convey what the course is about, nothing could be better. If you're having tough time coming up with an image idea, attempt revisiting your course with a fresh mind and envisioning what it is about and how someone new would comprehend it. 
  • Usage of attractive content​. Make sure that the image contents ​are appealing and the image as a whole is attractive and ​not gross. ​Using a few headlines makes it more appealing to readers and also provides the topic overview.
  • Resolution of image. The greater your image's resolution, the clearer its image quality is, making all its details noticeable. Therefore the size of the image should be customized according to the subject and ensure that this high-resolution picture does not interfere with the download time.

How to ​Create ​Custom ​Size ​Images for your ​Online ​Course using Stencil?

Custom sized images play a significant role when it comes to ​placement of your image. Also, size of image requirement changes with platforms, for example, ​if you wish to run ads for your course, size of image in Facebook would be different than the size if image in LinkedIn. Image size requirements also differ with course platforms like requirements in Teachable would be different than the requirements in Thinkific.

The size of such images can be customized depending on its usage as thumbnails or to fit it in background or foreground accordingly. Stencil​ is one of the ​best and easy to use​ image editor platforms to customize such image sizes. This article is about creating custom size images using Stencil. You can create custom size images with Stencil not just for your online course but any other purpose as well.

​Here are a few points on creation of custom size images using Stencil:

  • Stencil provides ​you ​a repository of millions of images, which you can search against for your topic. ​Alternatively you can also upload ​an image of your choice (which you might have procured from somewhere else). ​
  • ​Stencil provi​des hundreds of ​free templates. Using these templates, you can not only edit but also enhance an image by ​adding attractive content.

Further more, you can customize the image size where you can edit the width and height in the following manner:

  • In the right corner of the canvas, click the Canvas Size Switcher for the image you want to create a custom size for.
  • ​In the Canvas Size Switcher, select the Custom tab and enter a Custom Size Name, Width (in pixels) and Height (in pixels) according to the size you want. Click Add when you are done. Your custom size image is now ready.

​Once you have selected your custom size, you can go ahead with image selection, editing, enhancing - whatever you want to do with the image.

I would like to mention that there are hundreds of tools you can use for creating custom size images and Stencil is not the only one out there. Big names like Adobe​ Photoshop, Gimp are there but they have a learning curve associated with it.

Stencil is a tool of our choice and we would love to recommend it to you. Stencil is super easy to get started with and provides a repository of millions of images, which works great for us! Canva is also a similar too and you can read our Canva vs Stencil article to understand which is better suited for yo​ur needs.

Click here for a free signup ​in Stencil ​and get started with image customization​ right away.

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