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How to Add Great Looking Text to an Image of your Online Course?

Images are​ said to ​convey more than words. But what all you can convey with an image also depends on the image. ​You image can become eye catchy and convey much more if you ​add some great looking text to it. Even a single word may characterize the picture as a whole.

Similarly, attractive images with fantastic content messages are used by online course designers. Adding a touch of text to the image makes it attractive and offers an outline of the course. Using an image, which is mix of text and picture can ​convey much more about the course because people are usually bored with just reading the text.

How to ​Add ​Great ​Looking ​Text to an ​Image ​of your ​Online ​Course?

There are several tools available in the market for adding ​great looking text to an image for your online course. Sophisticated software like Adobe Photoshop ​is the market leader and offer a lot​ of features but unfortunately it is pricey and takes a lot of time to learn.

There are many free and easy to use tools and we are going to make use one of them to ​create a new image with some great looking text.​

Stencil and Canva are two of the most common, free to get started with and easy to use tools. Check Canva vs Stencil article to see which is best for you.

Stencil is our choice of image editor and in this article, we'll show you how to add great looking text to an image using Stencil.

​Stencil is a cloud-based graphic designing software that provides different features for editing the image. Adding text or embellishing it is also one of its functions. Stencil allows you to do so in the following way:

1. Choose the Image:

Go to Stencil ​and in the left corner there are a list of different styles of images, templates and more. ​Choose the image you want to put your text in. Instead of using an image from Stencil repository of millions of images, ​you can​ also upload your own image and see where you would like to place the text on your image.

2. Add Text:

To add text click the icon depicted as A+ (placed to the right of the canvas). It comes up with a box where you can ​type the text you want to insert in ​your image.​ If you're looking for motivational quotes, ​you can ​make use of the Quotes library of Stencil. ​

3. Customize Text:

You can customize your text by adding different fonts provided by ​Stencil or you can upload your own as well. Feel free to experiment with ​different fonts to find which ​best suits your image.

4. Add text color:

You can add a hint of color to the text. Also, you can put shadow using different colors. It also comes up with the feature to add color to the background of the text or the outline. Try to contrast the color of the image and the text to make it look attractive and eye catchy.

5. Drag, Drop and save:

Once you are done customizing your image, you can drag and drop the text on the image wherever you wish for. Once you are done you can save the final image ready to post.

Stencil similarly ​offers ​various other features to customize your text, image, add quotes. You can signup for free and explore it. If you feel the need, you can upgrade to the pro-plan. Once you start creating your own image you can try all it's features to make such great looking images. 

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