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How to Generate Leads for your Online Course using Quiz

You might have seen personality tests in your Facebook feed. Facebook has been cutting down on those, but you can still find them in Facebook and several websites. Can you guess why? 

Personality tests or Quiz are super easy lead generation methods, which any always work. They may be irritating at times, but are usually funny and sometimes useful as well. Irrespective of their usefulness -- More importantly - they work. They are curious enough that viewers click them and attempt to take the quiz.

Quiz work because humans are always curious knowing more about themselves - whether or not they are right; whether they look good or not etc.

A personality-profiling company, which has been in the news quite a lot in recent times is called Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica is accused of harvesting personal data from millions of users and may have used that data to sway voters during the 2016 US presidential election and Brexit vote.

Think about this: If a company like Cambridge Analytica could use simple personality test quizzes to sway voters towards a likely outcome, you can also use similar arrangement to generate leads for your online course.

And it does not have to be a personality quiz - it could be a quiz designed to help your visitors decide, which is the best course for them. For example, you may have a course on painting and you may be offering multiple courses on topics like oil painting, water painting, landscape painting, portraits, sketching etc.You can offer a quiz to your users to understand their knowledge and interest so you can offer them the best course suited for them.

Creating a Quiz for Generating Leads

There are ​thousands of ways to create a quiz depending on your needs and platform of your choice. Not every quiz if designed for the purpose of lead generation. For example, Teachable offers quiz feature, which is best suited for your existing students and not to attract new customers. 

In this article, I will make use of Thrive Theme to create a quiz for the purpose of lead generation.

To create a quiz, you need active membership of Thrive.

You need to install and activate Thrive Quiz Builder plugin. Go to your Thrive Dashboard and look for the corresponding Thrive Quiz Builder card:

Inside Quiz Builder Dashboard, add a new quiz by selecting ​either one of the options presented below:

After you have added a new quiz, a window will pop up on the screen, allowing you to choose a template for the newly added quiz:

As you can see there are a few options to choose from but we are going to choose the "List building" template because that is our intention.

Click on the "Continue" button and in the next screen, label your quiz by giving it a name and hit the "Continue" button.

Now you have a name for your quiz and you can start building it. You need to begin by setting the type of your quiz. Click on Change Type in Quiz Type.

Thrive Themes Change Quiz Type

​Now you need to select the t​he quiz evaluation type. There are a few options here - you can give a score (number of percent) at the end of the quiz or you can categorize based on the questions answered or you can provide results (right or wrong).

Obviously you'll have to choose one which best goes with your lead generation plan but in this example, we've been discussing personality quiz, so ​you'll select option 3, which is Category.

Thrive Themes Choose Quiz Evaluation Type

​Now you need to establish the categories for your quiz results. It is best to decide the categories before you go ahead with the quiz as otherwise it will become too confusing in the future to add categories and edit the questions and flow of the quiz.

For example, here in the screenshot below, I've decided 3 categories for my visitors depending on the questions they answer: Oil color, water color and pencil sketch.

​You can also control the behavio​r by adjusting the feedback options.

result categories for your quiz

​Hit Save and the next option in front of you would be to design your quiz. 

themes quiz

​To design your quiz, you'll have to select one of the several template options. Personally for me, this step takes the longest, I am forever stuck on deciding and experimenting which template works best for my theme.

You should decide upon a theme, which goes best with your existing website color scheme.

​So, now you have the basic layout of your quiz ready and you can start working on the actual quiz. You will see a few options pop up below Quiz Style. 

The first one is splash page - it is edit and make changes to a delivered template page. You'll do this if you're not happy with the existing page delivered by Thrive. I would suggest you ignore it for now​ and focus on getting the quiz ready rather than look and feel.

So, you select the step 3/4, which is Define questions and answers.

Thrive Quiz - Define Q&A

​Now you are on to adding questions and answers. Click either one of the options shown below:

start thrive quiz creation

​Select the question type.

Open ended questions work best if you're having your prospects fill out an application form. Multiple choice questions with buttons or images - both of them work great for personality quiz. If you're creating a fun quiz, it would be best to add images otherwise you can stick to multiple choice with buttons. ​

select question type in thrive quiz

​Now you can create questions. You can create as many questions as you want. You can enable weights, tags and feedback with your question. ​

By using tags, you can pass on the tag info to your CRM (if integrated). Using feedback, you can provide instant feedback to your students. You can use weights if selecting an option increases likeliness of an answer leading to a category. You can have weight from 1 to 6 with 6 being max. ​

create questions for your quiz

​Add questions and create a logical flow of your quiz. Hit Save and Exit once you're done.

Logical flow or your quiz

​If you want to make design changes to your ​opt-in page and feedback page, you can select those options otherwise you're done and you're ready to publish the quiz. Just copy the quiz URL and paste it in the blog post or page you want to publish.

You're all set now to get the leads using Thrive Quiz.

​Below is what ​the lead generation page of your quiz will look like​. Your visitors will provide their email addresses to get the results of the quiz and you have a lead now!

creating lead magnet with a quiz

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