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25 Types of Bonuses that you can offer with your Online Course

Whether it's a yearly bonus given as part of a job or a bonus provided with a product you purchased, everyone likes Free bonuses. 

Bonus word evokes a positive emotion in buyer's mind that they will get something for free. And Everyone Loves Free Stuff.

We have always offered bonuses with our online courses because they work very well. You should experiment with what bonus you can offer to find out what works best for your audience. Whatever bonus you decide to offer, it should compliment your online course. 

Don't offer totally unrelated item as a bonus for the sake of offering bonus, otherwise this may not work. 

Here is a list of bonuses that we have offered with our online courses and a few more.

25 types of bonuses that you can offer with your online course

  1. eBooks
    eBooks are a good option to be given as a bonus with your online course. If you already have an ebook on the course topic that's even better, otherwise you can quickly create an ebook from your blog articles.

  2. Private Consulting
    Many students value that they have access to you after purchasing the course. In our webinars we often get comments from students that they signed up for the course because they wanted to get access to us so  we can guide them.

  3. Online Course
    Offering another online course as bonus is also a great idea if that online course aligns with the main course you're selling. For example, if your main online course is about 'Growing YouTube Channel' and you have a bonus course 'Paid Ads on Youtube', then this is a great bonus to go with your main course. 

  4. Checklists
    I am a big fan of Checklists.
    In  almost all of our courses, we have offered Checklists as bonuses as these allow students  to simply follow the step by step plan to get to their desired result. They can mark the step complete and move on to the next one.

  5. Cheat Sheets / Quick Reference guide
    When you concise lot of useful information in 1-2 pages, that can be considered as a cheat sheet. Cheat sheet can be easily referred to when you want to access some information quickly instead of going through a long video or read lot of documents.  

  6. Interview with Experts
    Many people like to listen to experts in their field of interest. That's why we have so many talk shows and expert being called on a TV show. 
    Similarly you can invite other experts in your niche for an interview and then share the recording with your students as a bonus item. 

  7. Interview/Coaching Call with other Students
    When I started in online business space and was trying to learn things, I used to listen to podcasts and other interview where an expert would advise people who were at the same stage as me. This helped me to understand & implement some of the tactics that were applicable to me.
    Your students will like this when you have interview with other students and try to clear their doubts during an interview. 

  8. Audio Lessons
    Audio recordings from podcasts or private lectures or conference or any other useful resource can be provided as bonus item with your online course. 

  9. Getting Started How-To Guides
    How-To Guides are another one of my favorites. Let's say you are using a software while demonstrating something in your lecture videos. Since you may have been using that software for years, you might skip some of the items, but someone who has seen the software for the first time , may not even know how to start the software. In that case these how-to guides can help them get started with the software.  

  10. Useful Tools
    If you've created any tool that has helped you to be more productive in your area, you can also mark it as bonus and share with your students.  This can be an excel sheet or a document or any other useful tool that will be helpful for your students. 

11. Access to Private Membership

You can provide access to private membership to your course students such as Slack community, membership site etc. One of the most popular bonuses offered these days with online courses is Facebook Group. This helps your students get access to other members where they can discuss their problems, share ideas with others. 

Also as a course creator, it's another medium to stay connected with your students. 

12. One To One Coaching Call

Offering one-to-one coaching calls can really help you get more sales with your online course. It does require your active involvement even after the sale is made and depending on how many sales you make, it can get overwhelming sometimes. In my opinion, if you can offer this bonus, it will be a game changer.

13. Weekly Office Hours

Weekly Office Hours are Q&A calls that you do with your students. It's not one-to-one but a live webinar or 'Facebook Live' where you either answer questions live or have your students send the question in advance that you can answer during the office hours.

Amy Porterfield does this as Facebook Live every week for her students. 

14. Special Webinars / Workshop

Invite your students to a special webinar that is reserved only for those who purchased the course with bonuses. In this workshop you can share some proven strategies or any insider tips that can help your students grow in their desired interest area. 

15. Premium Customer Support

You can also offer premium customer support to students when you sell your online course. For example, you can Offer them live chat support or phone support. 

16. Discount for other products

If you sell other digital products such as ebooks or other online courses, you can offer special discounts on those as a bonus. 

17. Other Useful Video

Anything that can help your student can be given as a bonus. If you've videos from your other online course or something you recorded for another audience and you feel might help your course students too, feel free to share that as well. 

18. Special Reports

Depending on your course topic, special reports can be another idea for online course bonus. Let's say your course is about marketing, you have done extensive research on a related area and have created a report. You can provide this exclusive report to your students.

19. Workbooks

Workbooks can be included as a bonus or as a part of course material. Workbooks are usually created to have your students enter some information as part of their research & analysis or homework they need to do.

20. Sample Code

IT & programming courses, can provide sample code as a bonus material too. Many new developers struggle with writing their own code and in that case, such sample code can be huge help for them to understand some concepts that can only be learned by coding. 

21. Exercises

Exercises are usually considered to be part of course curriculum but depending on how you market it, you can showcase those as a bonus material too. 

Exercises can be created for every few lectures or modules requiring your students to take some action to test their learning. 

22. Access to Software

If you've a product that you also sell, then you can also offer free limited time access to your software. This way you get to showcase your software to the customer who may convert into a paying customer later. 

23. Templates / Plug and Play Email Sequence

Templates that can be easily copied & modified by your students per their requirement would be very good bonus to offer. 

For example, your course teaches project management skills then you can provide project plan templates or other tracking sheets. 

If your course is about email marketing, you can provide 'Plug-n-Play Email Sequence' that your students can copy and send to their list.

24. Physical Products

Physical Merchandise such as books, stickers, t-shirts , diaries can be a bonus too. We did offer t-shirts with our online course many times and to our surprise they converted really well and many students provided great feedback.

25. Gift Cards

You can also provide Gift Cards to your students. Gift from store such as Amazon, Target or even your own digital product store would work.

As you noticed, there can be so many things that can be offered as a bonus item with your online course, so there is no excuse to not offer a bonus. 

"Bonus chosen appropriately with an online course can significantly impact the sales of your online course."

What are the bonuses that you've offered with your online course or plan to offer? I would love to read your comments on the same.